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Living with knee pain often means sitting on the sidelines of your own life. It’s hard to enjoy your normal daily routines when simple activities lead to persistent knee pain. Men and women from Columbus, Ohio, rely on the team at Innovative Medical Centers for comprehensive care of chronic knee pain. Schedule an appointment today for an evaluation, and begin a path back to healthy and pain-free joint function. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a convenient appointment time.

Knee Pain Q & A

What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee pain is usually the result of osteoarthritis, an injury, or a mechanical problem after years of wear and tear. Like any joint in your body, overuse can lead to strain and chronic pain. Many knee problems begin during sports activities or work-related tasks.

Injury-related knee pain often affects your ligaments, tendons, and the fluid around your knee joint. It’s also possible to hurt the bones and cartilage in your knee. If left untreated, you may experience long-term pain.

Some of the most common knee injuries include:

  • ACL injuries: tearing of one of the ligaments that connect the bones in your leg, a common injury for football, basketball, and soccer players
  • Fractures: breaking of the knee bones, caused by falls or impacts to your knee
  • Torn meniscus: cartilage (meniscus) around the knee tears from sudden twisting
  • Tendonitis: tendons surrounding the kneecap become irritated and inflamed; common in runners, skiers, and cyclists
  • Bursitis: any type of injury that causes inflammation in the bursae (sacs of cushioning fluid) around the knee

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a form of degenerative arthritis that can cause serious knee pain. OA is the most common form of arthritis and typically affects older adults. Over time, the cartilage that provides cushioning around the knee joint deteriorates. When the cartilage wears down, you feel pain, stiffness, and loss of movement in your knee joint.

When the cartilage in your knee breaks down to bone-on-bone, many adults resort to surgery as their only way to get pain relief. The integrative medical and chiropractic team at Innovative Medical Centers helps many patients get pain relief without surgery.

How is Knee Pain Treated?

Because treatment depends on the underlying cause of your knee pain, the expert medical team takes a whole person approach to evaluating your pain and symptoms. The doctors also evaluate your feet and ankles, your hip joints, and lumbar spine. All of these factors, along with any history of knee injury, may be contributing to your pain.

Once the doctors uncover the root causes of your pain, they recommend the most effective and innovative therapies. Treatment sometimes includes:

  • Custom orthotics for your feet
  • Functional rehab to strengthen muscles and correct movement patterns
  • Knee braces for support and stability
  • Injections to provide pain relief
  • Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM)
  • Pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF)
  • Sanexus

Innovative Medical Centers treats every person’s knee pain individually, rather than as a one-size-fits-all approach. Call or schedule an exam to find out what’s causing your knee pain and to get long-lasting relief