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Genetics is a scientific field that has undergone astounding growth in recent decades. Genetic testing provides a wealth of information that can be used to customize your health care. Men and women from the Columbus, Ohio, area have access to comprehensive genetic testing services at Innovative Medical Centers. To begin charting your course toward improved health and wellness, schedule an appointment today. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a time that fits your busy schedule.

Genetics Q & A

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What is genetic testing?

There are many different types of genetic tests, and more in development every day. Some of the more common genetic tests for adults include diagnostic testing, carrier testing, and predictive testing.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic tests help your doctor confirm a diagnosis or rule out certain other conditions. Not all genetic issues are testable, but researchers are developing new screening tools all the time.

Carrier Testing

Some genetic tests are used to determine if you are a carrier of a genetic mutation. These tests can help couples understand the risk of passing a genetic mutation to their children, and they are especially helpful in cases where there is a family history of genetic issues.

Predictive Testing

Predictive genetic tests identify mutations known to lead to specific disorders, including certain types of cancer. The results of predictive testing allow you to direct the course of your health care in light of an elevated risk of certain genetic diseases.

What about at-home genetic tests?

Multiple companies offer genetic test kits that allow you to collect a DNA sample and send it off to a lab. Results are delivered directly back to the consumer, with no involvement by a medical practitioner.

Using at-home genetic tests places you at risk of receiving results that are invalid, incomplete, or inaccurate. Because of the spike in popularity of these mail-order genetic tests, companies have sprung up to meet growing consumer demand.

Quality control is an issue with those options, however, as is privacy when you consider how those companies might store or share your genetic information.

Interpreting the results of a genetic test is more complicated than many people believe. It takes training, skill, and experience to take the raw data from a genetic test and apply it to your overall health and wellness.

The doctors at Innovative Medical Centers provide professional, thorough interpretation of genetic testing results, with an eye toward making the most of your health. 

How are the results of genetic testing used?

The answer depends on the type of genetic test and the reason for testing. For example, if you choose genetic testing to rule out a medical condition, the results can help refine the diagnostic process.

If genetic testing reveals that you have a genetic predisposition to a particular disease or condition, you and your doctor can decide which lifestyle modifications will be most effective in mitigating your risk. Also, being aware of a genetic predisposition allows you to be proactive in screening efforts.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities available through genetic testing, schedule an appointment at Innovative Medical Centers today.