Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine takes a whole body approach when managing your health. Functional medicine recognizes that all parts of the body need to work together in harmony in order to achieve optimal health. Instead of treating individual symptoms and disease, the functional medicine approach takes a broader look at how the body is functioning as a whole, and how distress in one area of the body may correlate to another.

Who Could Benefit from Functional Medicine?

Typically, functional medicine is useful for managing chronic illnesses such as hormonal, thyroid, neurological, and metabolic disorders. However, people who suffer from allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, acne, or general lack of health can all benefit from functional medicine. Even those in good health who are interested in optimizing their true health potential can benefit from functional medicine.

How does Columbus Innovate Wellness incorporate Functional Medicine?

Here at Columbus Innovative Wellness, we view functional medicine as an essential care model when developing our patient wellness plans. Dr. Singh has been practicing functional medicine for 25 years and focuses on managing thyroid, hormonal, and metabolic conditions. We are excited to integrate genetics into our functional medicine practice to create a truly unique care plan for each patient that is tailored to their individual health needs.


Not sure if Functional Medicine can help you?

We encourage you to give our office a call and set up a free, no obligation fifteen-minute phone consultation with Dr. Singh. (614) 436-9355.

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