Food Sensitivity Testing


Food Sensitivity Testing

Dr. Singh D.C. is excited to announce our newest service we are now offering to our patients: food sensitivity testing! Food sensitivity testing can help patients suffering from a variety of symptoms including migraines, fatigue, weight loss resistance, bloating, inflammation, constipation, acid reflux, chronic pain, and more. Food sensitivity is different from a food allergy such as someone suffering from an allergy to peanuts which triggers an immediate immune response and requires them to carry an EpiPen. A food sensitivity is a delayed onset response to a particular food or compound found in a range of foods that may sometimes take up to 72 hours to respond, making it impossible for a patient to figure it out on their own. With a simple finger prick, we test for sensitivities to 95 of the most common foods.

Watch the video below to find out more, and give us a call today to schedule an appointment to come get tested! 614-436-9355

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